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Fujifilm GFX 50R First Impressions Review
Fujifilm introduces rangefinder-style GFX 50R medium-format camera
XE3 looks so small:)

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Looks like I will need to continue waiting for a medium format X100

GFX50R is already outdated with the new GFX 100MP which has phase detection, IBIS and 4K video for only $10K:(

Fujifilm unveils GFX 100MP Concept

Fujifilm today announced a new concept for a flagship MF model (GFX100s) capable of producing world-leading image quality with a 102 MP image sensor (Sony’s 44x33mm IMX461). The camera is expected to retail for $10,000 as previously discussed, release expected early 2019.

Details from Fujifilm below:

(1) Achieves world-leading image quality and superior mobility by incorporating the Fujifilm G Format Image Sensor with the world's highest* 102 million pixels
  • It incorporates the newly developed Fujifilm G Format image sensor with the world's highest* 102 million pixels. Together with the high-speed image processing engine X-Processor 4, the FUJINON GF Lens which provides ultra-high image resolution, and Fujifilm's proprietary color reproduction technology accumulated over more than 80 years, the camera produces world-leading image quality, with precise and faithful reproduction down to the finest details.
  • It is the first medium format mirrorless digital camera in the world*** to incorporate phase detection pixels throughout the entire sensor (coverage ratio of 100%,) allowing for high-speed/high-precision autofocus wherever in the frame subject is located. This mechanism makes it possible to use autofocus to track moving objects, which was difficult with the traditional system of contrast autofocus, resulting in more precise continuous autofocus and performance capability that exceeds conventional expectations for medium format digital cameras.
(2) Expanding the scope of ultra-high resolution photography through the world's first-ever built-in image stabilization technology to be incorporated into a medium format digital camera
  • Fujifilm has developed a new built-in image stabilization system, the first such system in the world to be incorporated into medium format digital cameras***. As the new image stabilization works with all varieties of interchangeable lenses, it expands the scope of hand-held ultra-high resolution photography with the 102 million pixel sensor.
(3) Meeting the need for high-quality video production with the world's first*4 medium format mirrorless digital camera equipped for shooting 4K videos
  • The combination of the newly developed image sensor with high-speed readout capability and the X-Processor 4 high-speed image processing engine provides a world's first*4 capability for shooting 4K videos (4K 30p 10bit)*5 with a medium format mirrorless digital camera.
  • A medium format sensor, larger than the sensors generally used in high-end cinema cameras, creates greater depth of field for shallow-field subjects, improves reproducibility across a wide range of color tones, and provides superior sensitivity. It gives photographers the ability to easily shoot high-quality movies which capture rich textures and depth as well as a sense of atmosphere present in a scene.
(4) Light, robust vertical grip and integrated magnesium alloy body provides superior utility
  • Although the camera incorporates a large image sensor, it is the same size and weight as a high-end digital single lens reflex camera equipped with a 35mm full size image sensor.
It is the first camera in the GFX Series to have a vertically-position grip and an integrated magnesium alloy body, a design which makes the camera extremely robust, while also achieving good holding stability when attaching or removing large interchangeable lenses.


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It's too bad, but market penetration is hard at MF level. I sincerely hope Fuji makes serious inroads, because any tech innovation there will make it's way down to the APS-C product family.

Looking at that review, it almost feels the other way around so far... like the APS-C tech is being pushed (or not pushed, sadly) up to the MF format bodies. The latest XT or Pro bodies are just faster, and better, at everything except reslution.
And just like that, I’m wishing that the X-Pro 3 will be a smaller gfx 50r body with the X-T3 guts.

yeah, me too. that's why i'll probably hold out from getting the x-t3 and just wait for the x-pro3. hopefully this time around since they'll be releasing it after the x-t3, they won't skimp on the features like on the x-pro2.

my personal wishlist:
- evf with either 0.75x/0.77x magnification and 23mm eyepoint like the 50r/x-t3
- ael/afl button locations and af-on function from the 50r and x-t series (for back button focus)
- 3-way tilting touch lcd from the x-t3
- dual sd card slots, both uhs-ii like the 50r/x-t3
- all-metal dials like the x-pro2
- x-processor 4 and all the firmware features of the x-t3
- support for the bigger capacity np-t125 battery of the gfx (if they can fit it in the grip portion)
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