Fuji Fuji Official Camera Remote App and Android Pie 9.0


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Feb 3, 2012
So I used the Camera Remote App for the first time since moving to Pixel 3, and it keeps saying "This app was intended for an older version of Android. Please check the manufacturer website for an updated version." Which of course, there is none. The app last received an update in October 2018.

Oddities - in addition to the peer-to-peer WiFi dance you have to do to get them to connect (I have an older, non-BlueTooth enabled XT-10), if the phone for whatever reason goes to sleep, the app immediately switches to Standby (as seen in the notification bar at the top) and will not re-connect. You have to power-cycle the camera, restart the WiFi connection on it. On the phone side, using Settings-App to Force-Stop the app and restart it.

Tips and Tricks updated for Dec. 2018:

1. Keep the Fuji camera on the longest possible setting for Power Management (i.e., 5 minutes before it goes power idle is my longest).
2. Keep the phone on a reasonably long setting before Display goes to Sleep: I set mine to 10 minutes.
3. Once you have the connection - keep it going and hurry up with the photo. :)

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