Fuji Fuji to build an interchangeable lens X100 model.

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you should be able to figure it out...
This has been out there for a little while. Sounds more like an entry into the m43 field or something like it. They say the camera will come with an EVF, like the GH2, which is nice but it surely doesn't sound like it will have the amazing OVF/EVF hybrid that the X100 has. May be a great camera or system, but I don't think its really gonna be that similar to the X100. We can hope though...



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I think that a hybrid viewfinder for a non interchangeable fixed focal length lens camera is a completely different issue from a hybrid viewfinder for interchangeable or zoom lenses. But perhaps it isn't just from the possible to the impossible, but more to the point I suspect it would be from the sublime to the ridiculous.


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Jono, your right on the money.
There's a company in Germany that make cameras with viewfinders, etc.
I think it's called Leica or something.
They got it down. You pay for the technology they use because it's extremely accurate and reliable.
It's a very complex design.

Fuji would have an enormous effort to get an X100 type camera developed, produced, marketed and keep the pricepoint where users would consider it.

Non Leica users have no idea what using say a 90mm or a 135mm on say an M6 or 7 is.
It works but it ain't pretty I tell ya.

I think Fuji might do an EVF camera as that's the easy way out as everyone knows.
The OVF.... I don't think so...