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New rumor about the X-E3 being the last of the line. :wtf:

Unless the plan is to merge the X-Pro / X-E / X-A into just two offerings with the X-A moving WAY up, I don't understand it. And given the X-A is on #7 and the X-E is only on #3 they would have a longer run and keep things more in a generational line if they kept the "E" and killed the "A" designation.

RUMOR: Fujifilm X-E line Canceled, Game Over for Fujifilm X-E4 - Fuji Rumors


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There was a groundswell of support for the XE3. That will need to happen again. I'm more convinced that Fuji plans the XH2 to be the high MP body and the XT line to be the standard hihg end body, like the Sony A7 and A7R series. One alternative might be the XH series becoming the A9 equivalent, but I doubt it. I think if anything the best AF will belong to the XT. The XPro will continue as the niche rangefinder body with a high price tag. So we're left with the X-Txx, X-Txxx, XA and XE series for the mid- and lower end spots. It they cut a line it will be one of these.

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