Fuji X-E3 vs Oly Pen F


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Apr 18, 2014
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The Pen F was a great camera. If the AF works for you it’s a fun camera to use and it is beautifully made. It’s a great jpeg camera with lots of really useful image adjustment options.
I forgot I was going to add something here:

The AF of my X70 was one of the reason I got the X-E3. The X70 is fine for a lot of what I tend to shoot when I'm out and about. But there are times when the single point AF is just not fast enough. I know the AF tracking of the X-E3 is better than that on the Pen F, but single point AF on m4/3 is really pretty darn quick. And it's rare that I don't know I'll need track/phase AF ahead of time and I have the E0M1.2 for that.
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