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Expired Fuji X-Pro 1 & 35mm (UK/EU)

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Well I've given the X-Pro 1 a try and frankly its the best camera I've ever had, handling is amazing and the IQ is just second to nothing I've had (never owned a FF camera though....)

As much as I love it and the 35mm lens (which is astounding!!)

I've tried the 18mm lens and just don't really get on with it sadly which is a wider focal length that I really need.

So for me at the moment the camera is amazing but the lenses I require just sadly aren't yet available, and while I'd like to wait for the rumoured 14mm I need something that I can use for now, rather than holding off so I'm likely to pickup a DSLR again rather than Compact.

Camera is fully boxed and mint, with a GGS Glass Protector on the screen, will come with all bundled kit and a cable release, also with invoice/receipt for warranty purposes (Fuji UK are happy with warranty claims as long as you can provide receipt).

Also have the 35mm lens, again mint condition, boxed with hood and caps, would prefer to sell as a bundle but open to offers.

UK Preferred, postage to the UK included but will ship elsewhere at cost.

Looking for £1500 all in or will consider offers.

Will get some pics, but only have my phone for now to photograph.
Not open for further replies.