Fuji Fuji X-Pro 1 hands on and samples

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Ray.....your NYC stuff is off the charts. I bookmarked your Flickr page and go there every few days. Pretty awesome stuff.

Thanks Rich. That vein has been pretty well mined out, although I'm just finishing up going through and trashing the bulk of the files that didn't amount to anything and am finding a few more keepers amongst the stems and seeds. So at some point in the next week or so I'll probably toss a few more decent shots into the NYC set and then be done with that.

I'm loving both your B&W and color work here. I particularly like the two very different takes on that rocky (lava?) beach. I think the reasons this camera doesn't get more love have been pretty well hashed out. One, its not for everyone, particularly many who have been spoiled by the performance of DSLRs. And, second, even for the niche of those who would love it, its priced beyond what a lot of folks can or will pay. But among those who have them, it gets a LOT of love! And a few folks who didn't understand what they were getting into with it are the counterbalance if you hang out in the wrong places... :cool: But not a problem around this forum...



Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Armando.....that camera quest was a pleasure.....what are you shooting nowadays......the M9 and the OMD?
It sure was! I did find a X100 shortly thereafter. So I'm splitting my time between the M9, X100 and X10 mainly. Now the OMD is in play as well. :) I had a XPro1 for about two weeks, but returned it primarily due to the chatter. I'll likely re-get the XPro1 at some point now that the chatter issue was resolved.

Rich M

May 2, 2011
I probably should know this but what is "developed in RPP/K64"?
Pictor is correct......RPP is a RAW developer that runs in OSX. It is a little arcane at first, but once one gets the hang of it, it is pretty easy.

K64 is a film emulation mode in RPP. It tries to mirror the old Kodachrome 64 in color reproduction. The file is developed and outputted to a TIFF which I import into Lightroom.


Rich M

May 2, 2011
Hi Rich, I haven't been able to get these shots out of my mind! When I process with RPP, K64 never looks this contrasty and saturated. What else do you attribute to the great richness and amazing color?
Bruce.....I felt the same way a few weeks ago, before I got some help. Where do I start......first off, the colors/time of day when I shot this were amazing and the lens, a Voigtlander 12/5.6, is no slouch when it comes to saturated colors.

RPP......everything I know about RPP is because of Carl Schofield (scho), a frequent contributor on getDPI and Rangefinderforum. I am just a parrot when it comes to passing on knowledge (but a very large parrot).

Carl has been so kind to make a X-Pro1 camera profile and make it available for general use. If you read through his thread on getDPI, you can grab and install it.

RPP supports XP1 - The GetDPI Photography Forums

I also use his suggested settings as a starting point and save them to a preset.

White balance "As Shot"
Color leave at default "Color"
Curve type "film like"
exposure use "Auto"
Brightness 55
Compressed exposure 0.3
Gamma 2.2
Contrast 1
Black point 0.1
Saturation 30
Sharpness 0
Local contrast 25

To get the color in the picture I posted, I reduced brightness to 45, BP to 0.3, compressed exposure to 0.5 and saturation to 35.

I find RPP is pretty sensitive to relatively slight variations in settings......I will tweak a setting and hit the apply button to see the effect. The three settings I use most are brightness (has an overall effect/global like Exposure in LR), black point to add some depth and compressed exposure which seems to act like the shadows/highlights setting in LR4.

Hope this helps.......and again, thanks to Carl Schofield.


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