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I was surfing the internet (do people say that anymore?) and ran across a new "review" of the X-Pro1. It's really just a short user experience. But then I clicked on the sample photos because I like photos and was quite surprised to see a bunch of photos from my hometown. Apparently there is a bike enthusiast in Milwaukee who is shooting with an X-Pro1. I'll have to keep an eye for him.

Some nice shots. If you like cycling, you should definitely check them out.....
Guest Review: Kevin Sparrow Discusses the Fuji X-Pro1 and Cycling - PROLLY IS NOT PROBABLY


I've downloaded the article to read later but thanks for bring it to our attention. There's certainly a lot of reviews and photo sites telling us about how good and bad the X-Pro1 is but it's alway good to find others that we haven't read about. I for one, am loving the X-Pro1 even though it can miss the occasional shot – all autofocus cameras can – but I'm impressed with the image quality so far captured. I've even decided to sell my M9 as a result – although I might buy a full framed DSLR with the money to supplement the Fuji.

Cheers, Macjim.

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