Fuji Fuji X-Pro1 App


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Munich, Germany
The app is a mixed bag. The sections about camera, lenses and accessories basically are beefed-up brochures.

Where it's getting interesting is the section about film simulations - it's full of interesting examples of which simulation to choose for what picture scenario. Pretty helpful.

The most interesting section is that about Silkypix. Looking into this chapter explains why Silkypix is having such a hard time in a user community that grew up on Photoshop and its derivatives. Silkypix is based on a somewhat different post-processing paradigm, and the Silkypix chapter is outlining that methodology quite neatly.

For someone who has used Western image editors such as PS, the terminology used in Silkypix is rather unconventional. The software localization translator did not do a good job on the English language version of Silkypix (it appears he did e.g. not know the correct translation Japanese equivalent of "vignetting" - he's using another word in the software). The Fuji app however does a reasonable job in straightening out these terminology problems.