Fuji X-S1 owners, please post photos and opinions?


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South Australia
Hi guys, anyone who owns the X-S1 got some reviews/opinions?

I am seriously considering buying one, love my super zooms and Teds have them for $859 delivered here in Aust.

Can I see some photos you have taken?

I like to get real world opinions from owners on here as it's much better than lab stuff.



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Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
I have had mine for a day - so these are first impressions.

It is very well made - on a par with my Oly E-3 when I had it.
It is big and heavy - compared to a SC - about the same as the E-3.
It has a large range of control buttons - only one control wheel but two Fn buttons.
Image stabilisation works well.
RAW not yet supported (except by Silkypix?).

The following images are jpegs straight from the camera with zero PP. They respond well to a levels adj.

Driveway - good Fuji colours on standard setting.
View attachment 49006

Palm blocking the sun - EXR handles DR well.

Palm at 624mm - good sharp detail.

Bouganvillia - macro setting.


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South Australia
Thanks Bill!!! lovely first photos. I have held one in the shop and was quite impressed with it but it was $100 dearer in our town than I can get it delivered from the city shop for so I think I'll go that way if I get one or is it when I get one? hehehehehe
there are so many mixed views about this camera that its getting really confusing. Is it really that much better than the HS20?
Interesting question. I wonder if users of the HS20 might post a few images here for comparison. I'm really growing to like this camera although I have to admit that the X10 and the X100 remain my favorites. I assumed that would be the case when I bought the X-S1 but needed a long zoom for some work I will be doing.
Here's another from the "Turkey Series". ;) A bit of a crop to get a turkey butt out of the right side of the frame. ISO100, f5, processed in LR.
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. . . David


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Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Seriously, that big?!

Nic this is based on memory (sold my E-3 two years ago) but yes it is bigger than most if not all bridge cameras. That said I took 105 shots in 3 hours at my sister's birthday and it felt 'right' in my hands. The fibre reinforced polycarbonate body is very rigid and metal dials, lens barrel and lens hood make it feel substantial.


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South Australia
Does your suffer the "Lens Drop" at the long end Bill?? Have read about it and one fella on DPreview I think it was, stuck a business card in there to fix it to get sharper images?
Nice photos Bill. I like the last one the best.

As big and heavy as the E3??? That's pretty chunky!
And bigger and heavier than the K-5. I've decided not to go for this one, for all the same reasons I did not get the S100fs. Too big, too chunky, too heavy. I guess my Panny FZ will have to do if I really want to go lighter and zoomier. (Its not quite as big as either the E-3 or E-5... they are way oversized for what they are)

Check here against the Canon 60D :Compare camera dimensions side by side
And here against the Nikon D7000: Compare camera dimensions side by side
And here, against the K-5: Compare camera dimensions side by side

Its just too big.


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Between finishing my X-Pro1 book and performing its editing and correction runs, I recently found the time to take out my old and terribly underused X-S1 for a few hours. Here are a few snaps I took for the family of a friend...



See the tiny cute WDS in the steering wheel? ;)




This one was done using the "Pro Focus" function for better bokeh:






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Fuji Colors...


WDS ain't that bad here:



And yet, he didn't seem to be completely happy with the results...


So I asked Fuji to send me a brand new X-S1 (with the new sensor) for comparison. They kindly sent me two, so I can figure out which one I like better.

I used the first of the two new ones to shoot a ground training session for my horse website:

View attachment 58442
DSCF1921 by ricopress, on Flickr

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DSCF1756 by ricopress, on Flickr

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DSCF1879 by ricopress, on Flickr

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DSCF1901 by ricopress, on Flickr


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The camera is very versatile and practical. You can shoot pretty much anything with it, near or far, fast or slow, doesn't matter as long as know the basics of the craft. I used it for a few lazy shots in St. Maarten, where I spent 2 days shooting samples for the focusing chapter of my upcoming X-Pro1 book.


Yep, there's some tiny WDS on the fuselage, as this was of course still the old sensor model.



I didn't even have to leave the hotel to get these shots, some were actually taken from my hotel room balcony. Really, really lazy...

Yeah, this one, too:


DSCF0671 by ricopress, on Flickr

Then zoom in a "little" and you get this...


As I said, it's versatile. :)

I like shooting situations with difficult natural light, high dynamic range and strong contrasts. So EXR DR is my friend, both in the X10 and in the X-S1. I have witnessed friends with their Nikon DSLR utterly failing to capture scenes I managed to shoot with my X10, thanks to DR400%. I believe the X-S1 is a true "all-in-one" solution, a compromise, but a pretty decent one if you understand how to make use of its capabilities.