Fuji Fuji X-T3 Formally Announced


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Grrrrrr. I was thinking that the release of the X-T3 would facillitate me getting an X-T2 once the prices drop but I actually find myself drooling over the X-T3.

The better EVF, digital microprism, sports finder (aka greyhound mode) and some other improvements (like putting the remote socket on the RHS of the body, so I could use it with an L-bracket) make me really want the newer model.

Looks like I had better start saving...


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USB-C charging! That's the biggest news for me. Good to finally see cameras adopting this... Hooe to see a future x100 with usb-c as well. That'd bring me an important step closer to needing only 1 charger for all of my electronics (laptop and phone already use it).

The all-red night view display mode sounds hella cool as well!
I read something promising for the future X-Pro3 in the X-T3 specs. On the X-T3, the battery grip is only going to be a source of extra battery power for longevity in shooting time, and for better ergonomics. Not for making a huge increase to the boost mode like the battery grip on the X-T2 does. Which I assume is due to the new processor. So, the X-Pro3 should be able to operate at the full boost mode speeds that the X-T3 does. Assuming Fuji doesn't throttle it down as one of the ways to keep the two models different.


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Black or silver? Looks like there are some silvers available right now in the UK - not seeing any black ones atm.

Just had my annual salary review, and could now justify shelling out for the X-T3 on interest free. But I've signed up to 'Single in October' with my X-T1, so I wouldn't be able to use it before November. Decisions, decisions! :daz:


Black or silver? Looks like there are some silvers available right now in the UK - not seeing any black ones atm.
That means the black ones must be better. :wink:

I got mine a week ago but I haven't used it much because the raw processors I use don't support it yet. I more or less never learn my lesson with that. I see a shiny new toy and a hit the buy button.


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Image quality wise, the T2 and T3 are too close to warrant the cost difference. Autofocus and video are the main reasons to buy the T3. But there are several other smaller changes, like the locking diopter, which also make the T3 very appealing.
Yeah, becomes much more compelling when considering the jump from T1 to T3. I bought the T1 just when the T2 came out, so got a good price. This time I am thinking about going straight to latest.

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