Fuji Fuji X-T30 Announced


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Ok. I've bought a new Olympus OMD EM5 mk2 + 12-40 f2.8.
Almost lost the plot with the menu/set up in the first couple of hours.
It's still giving me grief after 36 hours.
I am getting there though.
I am getting to like it.
The 12-40 f2.8 is a fantastic lens.
I reckon another 24 hours fiddling with the menu and I might get to grips with it.
Happy with the results so far. The ibis is fantastic and I don't find the continuous af bad at all.
This is an old camera. But it satisfies my needs.
and the exposure comp dial turns the way i want it to.
Unlike the Fuji. That was always the wrong way for me.
Ok, It's not got the resolution of the XT2 , and the menu/set up is S__T compared to every other camera i've owned.
But the ibis is fantastic. The weatherproofing works (never really trusted the XT2 in a shower.
I don't print big.
Its good enough for me.

And I actually find I prefer the Olympus colours.0


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This opening half sentence really turns me off..... "We don't often get excited about $900 cameras"

At what point in time did a camera that cost nearly a thousand dollars suddenly become unexciting?! I know my income hasn't risen to keep pace with inflation. But I get excited about all sorts of cameras.

Having said that, I'd still rather have a used X-Pro2. :whistling:

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