Advice Wanted Fuji X-T4 Focusing Question

When using my new X-T4, I keep on getting the focus screen below where the focus points gets inserted inside another box. I press the joystick and it goes back to a single point. But when I point the camera around it often going back to that mode and will not focus on anything till I press in the joystick again. I think I have the camera setup to only show single points, not cycle groups or all.

Different lighting situations like strong back light seem to trigger this, or something else that I do not realise is happening.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or need to change in the menu's
Cant explain better as I don't really understand what is happening.

looks like it might have been eye detection, turned it off so will find out on my next walk around.
Trouble is when I turned eye detection off, I cant move the focus point with my finger any more. I have the right side of the rear screen setup for that.

Fuji Screen_Rotated.JPG
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Finally found out what is going on, very simple when you know.
It was a focus check issue. Little did I know the front button on the grip side was assigned to focus check.

When I first saw the double box, I did look into the focus check, as I was using that as I have the camera set to AF+MF. I often use the manual focus ring to check the focus, especially with the Tamron lens.

When checking the manual so far I have only been able to find information about using focus check [with peaking] for the manual over ride like I was doing. But using focus check as a manual over ride does not show the focus check icon like in my screen shot. I thought that was just because I had large icons turned on, and some icons do not show with this option enabled.

Since this icon was showing when I had the problem [did not realise what that icon was at first] I looked into it more.
It appears that icon only shows when you enable focus check after turning on with a button.

This focus check sort of works like the one on the front of the G9 except I have found it not very usefull at all.
The box in a box unlike the Panasonic G9 is not accurate enough to allow the shot to be taken while in the zoomed in mode. To make it worse the box in box goes away after a few seconds just leaving the zoomed in full screen view.
So no way of knowing how the original framing is if it was tight.

A simple re press of the front button or a press of the rear command dial brings you back to normal view.

I only got half the story from the manual and the other half by trial and error. To be expected with a new camera.

Well this will be the first button to change, as for my use case I can only see problems with a button assigned to focus check, since the view it gives changes [the focus location double box just turns off] leaving you with no idea of framing. Plus unlike the Panasonic G9 the magnified view was not great enough to show focus for me.

There are probably other options that I have not found yet for the focus check, but at this time my time will be better spent looking into options that I will use.

Since the focus check in manual over ride of AF works well I will keep that enabled.

Well If anyone reads all this I hope it makes some sense. :hmmm: