Fuji Fuji X10 Full page ad in current issue of Backpacker Magazine


Just received my monthly issue of BP mag. And a couple pages in, was surprised to see this full page ad from Fuji, For the X10.

I am looking forward to this camera, as it has most of what i like in a compact carry everywhere camera. Good looks, very nice lens, nice viewfinder, mechanical soom, and most of all, hopefully, superb image quality for a sensor of this size.

If I see any more of this camera, may have to just pre-order and not wait like i am telling my self to do. :)

This X10 , reminds me so much of my old late 1970's, Konica Auto S3, film camera, with full metal jacket and great Konica lens, that 38mm 1.8. Albeit , this Fuji will have the 28-112 lens. And all in a package smaller than the Konica. By the way the Konica still works, imagine that.!!!

Well anyway thought those of you who are considering this camera would like to see the ad.
Shant be long now. Trying to hold out. :eek:


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Come on.... Get real huh. I bet not even 500 of our members buy that camera.

My daughter ordered 2. One for her and one for my 17 yo grandson.
He's tired of my M6 already.



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Thanks cherrywood - I think it's looking awfully good, too but am doing my best to hang on and wait.

Don, that daughter of yours...would she like to adopt me?:biggrin:
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As soon as we get them in i will take some example shots and post them up. I'm as keen as mustard to see the IQ but i have also been blown away by the IQ of the NEX5n. I shouldn't be buying either as i have the G3 and XZ-1 but the XZ-1 may have to make way for a replacement. Trouble is i really like my XZ-1.
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Looking forward to your pictures Andy. What's your ETA again?

End of Oct but looks like it may be early Nov. Can't wait but I'm having the same problem as Lili as I'm loving the XZ-1 too much still. If the IQ is much better than the XZ-1 then I'll swap, if not then I'll keep the XZ.

Exciting times!!


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I'll be mostly interested in the diopter adjustment on the X-10 and the XS-1. If they also have a similar setup to the X100, I guess I won't buy and I have to try to keep that in mind before I get swept up with enthusiasm. If I end up having to use the rear LCD, an XZ-1 will be a good replacement for the G11 (unless a G13 is in the offing with even better specs)


Does anyone know how good the VF would b? i think that is a big factor to choose this rather than other with no vf at all (smaller).


Tempting. X10 & X100 in the bag. And in 2012 replacing the X100 (and all other non Fuji cameras) with the expected Fuji system camera sounds like a plan to me.
Does anyone know how good the VF would b? i think that is a big factor to choose this rather than other with no vf at all (smaller).

Should be very similar to the EVF of the x100. This is predominately what I shoot with now and find it very good. I don't believe the x10 will have the optical viewfinder that is the real selling point to me on the x100.

I expect for the price and usability of the x10 an EVF will be adequate for my needs. I have one on pre-order and hope to get it early!
BBW said:
It is, I think perhaps Chuck made a typo?
Yes. its an OVF... sorry...not a typo I was misinformed. Thanks BBW.

I am very interested in seeing how they address the parallax issues at the telephoto end. the OVF on the x100 offers an offset square in the center that helps "suggest" where the frame might be composed based on the parallax. hmmmm... how will the x10 offer help?


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Cool ad!

I am a little skeptical about using this for backpacking... isn't that zoom lens going to be a dust vacuum?

I had panicked when I read a couple posts on sensor dust with the X100, and grabbed an Oly m4/3 instead. I really wanted the Fuji, but didn't want to feel like I couldn't take it on the trail with me. This could have already been resolved by Fuji (?)... I am just a bit paranoid, I guess!


I read an X10 review yesterday that pushed me over the edge and I pre-ordered the X10. I'll see how it manages to compare to the compact and flexible XZ-1. I also pulled out the X100 to shoot with this week along with the GXR 50mm.

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