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I promised myself I would take the G3 and 25mm Leica to Brighton for the afternoon but at the last minute i took the X10 as it had not been used in anger at that point. By the time we got to Brighton and finished spending the kids Xmas money it was pretty dark and i had no time to set the camera up properly so most shots were pretty dire. I did manage o take a few reasonable shots so here they are...

Mono versions will be put in the black and white thread.

Victory Inn
View attachment 47053
Victory Inn by andywest1, on Flickr

Cafe by the Pier
View attachment 47054
Seafront Cafe by andywest1, on Flickr

View attachment 47055
EAT by andywest1, on Flickr

Big Wheel

Brighton Big Wheel by andywest1, on Flickr

Big Wheel
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Brighton Big Wheel by andywest1, on Flickr


Those seem to be great shots. Did it bring you back to enjoying the cam at all? I keep thinking about the x10 myself, but I'm holding off for a bit. The EX1 still does a nice job up to 800 and under many conditions up to 1600, so it makes me wonder if I can get that one extra stop with the X10, along with handling extremely difficult concert conditions from the photo pit. Due to that requirement, the orb situation is making me weary. Also, I tried out the J1 and V1 the other day with the 10mm f2.8. All I can say is WOW! for handling and size. I hope they come out with faster lenses, but the form factor is awesome. Price, not so much.


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Great set of photos Andy and probably one of the first sets I have seen that demonstrate the low light performance of the X10 - My wife and I love Brighton (she for the shopping and me for the photography).

Looks like the weather was bearable. How long has the "Big Wheel" been there, and is it a permanent feature or just for Christmas - do you know?


This is impressive by the little X10 and no less so by the operator. Can't see any exif - can you share typical exposure details.

Click on photo, click on "actions", then the exif is in the data there.

One thing that interests me is the ISO of one photo is listed as "1000". Are the ISO steps that fine, or can one achieve that with auto ISO, or was that an error?

One thing I hate about some of the prosumer cams are the large, typical steps, while Canon and a couple others have finer steps. I'm often finding myself in between steps, but then have to go too far with ISO (and noise), then dialing back ev to underexpose or doing it in LR.

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