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What's funny here is that despite all the angst over mu43 vs. APS-C, we have well know companies (Nikon, Pentax, and now Fuji) producing expensive cameras with smaller sensors. If we assume that all of these companies have some marketing sense, do we (on forums like this) really overestimate the importance of the sensor size?


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That is a strong possibility for me. I loved the idea of the X100 when it was announced, but as I looked at my shoouting, I realized I simply never shoot at 35mm, so I passed. But that zoom one would be hot. I also wish they'd make one at 50mm/2.0, though $1100 is always a bit steep for me.

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Fuji X10/X50 detailed specs | Photo Rumors

* Bright, high resolution, Fujinon f/2.0-2.8 lens
* Manual 4x optical zoom lens
* Optical zoom viewfinder
* 12 Megapixels 2/3 inch EXR CMOS sensor
* EXR Processor
* Manual shooting modes
* RAW capabilities
* Up to 10fps
* Retro design with magnesium alloy body
* Full HD 1080p movies with stereo sound
* Manual pop-up flash
* Dedicated hotshoe
* High contrast 2.8″ 460k LCD monitor
* 1cm super macro mode
* Motion Panorama 360 degrees
* Auto Bracketing Functions

Read more on PhotoRumors.com: Fuji X10/X50 detailed specs | Photo Rumors


The sensor size/lens combination (speed & quality) will challenge both, all the other premium point and shoot cameras (LX5, TL500, XZ-1 etc) as well as mft coupled with slow kit lenses.
The ⅔ sensor is smaller than mft, but quite a bit larger than the ones in the other point and shoot cameras. And the lens is obviously significantly faster than mft kit lenses. F2.8 at 112mm equivalent sounds promising. Based on the spec sheet, the X10 should outperform the XZ-1.
Not as excited about the smaller sensor as I was really hoping Fuji would stick with the APS--C.

I know the new Pentax is using some in camera trickery to simulate shallow DOF in the Q camera but the cold hard fact is that anytime you reduce sensor size from 35mm, you increase DOF at equal apertures. So that f/2.0 might let in a lot of light but it is not going to give you the same shallow DOF that f/2 on an APS or FF camera does.


Man, it seems like a birthday with all of these seemingly great cameras coming out these days. Good times for all of us. Someday, Nikon and Canon will show up to the party.


I guess I don't get all the enthusiasm here. It's nice and all that, but it seems to me basically a Fuji competitor to the G12 or P7100. Slightly larger sensor, 1 stop faster lens, and similar size. What am I missing?