Fuji Fuji x10 repair, camera with fuji for a month already


So I brought in my Fuji X10 for repair the 3rd of april , the shop confirms it was with Fuji (Belgium ?) the 5th of april.
There was something broken with the turn on/off mechanism (the lens couldn't retract in the body completly anymore and thus not power off anymore unless battery was removed).

Anyway, i'll go by the shop today once more to ask if they have any more info (though I only mailed with them monday) but I think it's unacceptle that my device has been gone for over a month.
But the most annoying fact is that i'll be on holiday from next week thursday on (for two weeks), which means I can't take the X10 with me and also the fact that I won't be able to get it back before the 4th of june...

I was really considering the X100 or X pro one day, but with a repair service like this...
Or next time i'll buy online again instead of with a retail store (though the people at the store are very helpful and friendly), because it's cheaper and from what i read Fuji UK (buy at amazon) is a lot faster...


well small update, it's a bit as I thought
I went to the shop this noon, they called Fuji (france) and they said they will fix it today as they were waiting for a spare part which they didn't have in stock and it had just arrived this morning...
(true or not is the question)

Anyway, the fuji should be in the shop by friday (monday the latest) normally


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I would hate being without a favorite camera for a month.... painful. Glad to hear that they are almost done, though!

Maybe this is a justification to have two bodies? :D At least, I will try that excuse on my wife.