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Good luck, winx14 and keep us posted - glad you found your way here from "across the hall".

Penny, you might as well wait a bit... I will say that I am still extremely fond of my current iteration.


Wow... the eBay case manager seriously has it out for me. Since the "no warranty issue" was discovered after the initial case was opened, I cannot base my claim on it.

I have to get a repair estimate on the X10 dead pixel and dust in the viewfinder. There is only one place to service Fujis in NY and I have the pay for the quote. DAMNIT.


Info from calling Fuji NJ today:

They gave me the "late May" time frame again and I put my name and e-mail down this time.

Also, sensors will be replaced for ANY X10 owner, regardless of warranty status. That means that X10s without original invoices/receipts will be serviced for free (I asked about this thoroughly). Great news!

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