Fuji Fuji X10 Sample Images

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
At long last some image examples. I'll be honest I'm not totally blown away but they look very good. I need to scrutinize the examples 1st but i think they are already better than the XZ-1.

Thanks for posting the link David!!!!
Hey Andy,
I printed out the B+W shot of the interior with the tables on an HP B8550 printer. 'Looked pretty nice but like most all of us, I want to see higher ISO images. Links to RAW files is probably too much to ask but it would be very useful.
. . . David
Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I have been looking at them in PSE and to be fair they look very good. I tried sharpening them and they started to get lots of artifacts so I'm guessing they have been processed to their best either in PS or in camera.

The 2 B&W images are OK but i would have processed them from colour. All in all very good, not mind blowingly amazing but not at all bad. :biggrin:
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Hmmmm... perhaps my expectations have changed more than I thought. I would have thought the ISO200s in that lot to be a heap sharper than they were. They seemed... not blurry, but... edges were lacking definition I thought. You'd really be wanting to do lots of PP... Am I expecting too much? Have I become too used to an APS sensor?

[edit] Even the 100s are a bit "muddy" as well, though vastly better than other ISOs. Not too impressed with the high ISOs but its for sure that Fuji is doing much better than it used to. Not too smeary.
Sue - there's something odd about those images. I just downloaded a couple of them and imported them into Lightroom. They look compressed. "Strange" for lack of a better word.
"edges were lacking definition I thought" - yes, I agree. I'm not going to put much more energy into these images, as nice as it was that the site attempted to give us some samples.
. . . David


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Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I think the photos are too artificially smoothed and they are very low contrast. Fuji F30 photos at ISO200 were much sharper than this. ISO400 and 800 is smooth but weirdly soft and plasticky.

I am still waiting to see raws and a compatible raw converter, but these samples are giving me less hope than before.
I'm not willing to give up yet but certainly, and unfortunately, can't tell anything from those images. My guess is that the RAW converter will be the same as with other Fuji cameras. My F550 and my X100 both generate RAF raw files.
. . . David


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Aug 31, 2011
The RAW converter works like the one in the X100, aka you can change everything anytime after the fact in order to produce new and better JPEGs in camera.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I really don't usually pay much attention to these sorts of photos. Generally speaking I think just about all sample photos look pretty bad. Heck the X100's samples weren't anything to get excited about but once I saw what the camera could do for myself, I was sold.
Sep 8, 2010
London UK
One idea is to download the Silkypix Software that comes with the camera, Shoot in RAW and then convert/save to tiff then open in Adobe PS or LR. I did this with the G3 before Adobe updated their software and it works very well.

To be fair the Silky pix software isn't too bad and it does a pretty good job even if it is pretty basic.


Mar 19, 2011
Crossville, Tn
I saw a sunset picture at the ocean taken by the X10 somewhere and I couldn't believe the DR in the picture. I think there is a setting for this. I just wish they had put a larger sensor in the camera. Even the size of the new Nikon 2.7 x crop cameras. Is the price supposed to be $ 599? when they are available?


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