Fuji Fuji X10 White Dots! LOL


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Well a new version of the firmware is out but it doesn't promise any Orb fix unless you're in EXR Auto Mode.
Having said that I tried to create an orb off my key ring using a very bright LED Torch ( Flashlight ) using P mode at ISO 100 and things came out better than expected.
I would have used the sun but we've not seen it today!

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you should be able to figure it out...
If it's the best camera for someone, on balance, then it's the best camera for that person. My wife chose me 12 years ago despite several known problems, and so far she doesn't regret it.

Yes, but did she spend her hard earned money on you??? :biggrin:

Lord, if that's the standard for marriages, we'd all be in trouble! I'd have been kicked to the ditch years ago. BTW, my orbs have mellowed over the years, as have my wife's. I doubt the X-10's will.


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