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Oct 1, 2011
London, England
I like this, greyelm and do believe it was in Macro mode.

Have you noticed a difference in close focussing since you updated the firmware? I have to make some time and really see what I think. Some say that they don't need to switch to macro mode anymore...but I don't know. Great example of a wide open shot - merci beaucoup, indeed!
I think you mean ntroll's picture. But I have found a difference after 1.11 in MF you can focus much closer than before and conversely when in macro mode you can focus further away.

This is one of mine from today, macro mode. Cropped in PP.

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Oct 1, 2011
London, England
Mea culpa, you are correct! I've fixed my post, greyelm.:redface:

Beautiful berries - I like your PP very much, as well.:2thumbs:
Believe it or not these are flower buds of a Skimmia bush which brings a bit of colour to winter. PP was only using LR3's sliders to increase vibrance by +3, clarity by +38 and a bit of sharpening.
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Jul 7, 2010
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Thanks Andrew...these are our Marigolds after the freaky winter storm we had. greyelm, your Skimmia is lovely! I wonder if the Skimmia would do well here? I love the idea of winter color.

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