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Expired Fuji X100 like new

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South Australia
Hi guys!!!

I am getting rid of my X100 again, anyone who knows me on here would understand. I buy and sell soooo many cameras :)


I have this X100 that's in as new cond with the box and all original items that came with it new, and a black soft shutter release, looks lovely.

One thing to note is that there is no warranty, that's the thing, it's been purchased from overseas originally and I am the second owner and hence the warranty is non transferable, so please take note of this.

The camera works flawlessly, it's running the original 1.0 firmware, can't upgrade it myself as it won't run on a new mac :-(

I'm offering it up for trade for another camera you may not use/want/need? or anything of interest really?

If you want to buy it for money then we can work something out as it will be going for a really good price due to the warranty not being available.

Please PM me with any offers,

members on here can vouch for me as to being a trustworthy seller/buyer on this and other forums.

I am happy to send this overseas depending on the trade :)

Thanks for reading my novel :)

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$700?????? Thats crazy. Guess I wont try to sell mine then, I'd want more than that.

Also, you can update the firmware just fine, on a mac. You don't need the software that transfers it to the SD card, you just need a freshly formatted sd card and use finder to drag'n'drop to the card. Then follow the insturctions on the fuji pages to do the do.
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