Fuji Fuji X100's available in UK - if you're quick.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Great. Enjoy it!

I'll be interested in your impressions after you've used it for awhile. I was pretty bothered by a few details at first but they melted into the background very quickly once I started really shooting with it (given that I've only had it a couple of weeks at this point). There's still room for improvement with a full firmware update, but I'm already finding it to be a great camera, warts and all.


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Why is there so much difference in price between Britain and the US? B&H and Adorama advertise at $1200 while the British price is 999 pounds which translates to over $1600 US. Does the lower price in the US have anything to do with why we seem to be the last ones to get them?:confused:


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There is always a difference in favour of the US but it's not as great as it appears since the US online price is the price before tax and the UK price includes the extortionate VAT rate of 20%. Remove the VAT and the base price is around 830GBP. At the current exchange rate that about $1370 - still more but not quite so bad.

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