Fuji X100s for $900 at B&H

Wow.. I hate how these cameras depreciate so fast.. even Fuji.. Buy a new One today and before you know it's worth 30% less in a flat second ! Some brands drop even faster.. I like to keep up with the latest and greatest but it will put a dent in your bank account.. Buying a new Camera is like buying a new car.. Take a Big Hit before you wake up the next day.. Oh well. It's still fun and exciting to get the newest TOY off that UPS truck.. Just take a deep breath and keep shopping..


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Thing is, you need to want what you have, not have what you want. That way lies disappointment, stress and bankruptcy. If depreciation bothers new, don't early adopt. My X-T1 was one of the first into the UK, but my X-Pro1 I bought only a few months ago. Neither is of any financial value to me until I come to sell it to fund something singnficantly better - for me and the way I work.

If the X-Pro2 comes out tomorrow, I will not be first in the queue because I don't need to be. The X-Pro1 will continue to be able to take pleasing photos.

Depreciation is a fact of life, but one that need not bother you. Actually, Fuji is proving better in the medium to long term than some I could name, particularly for lenses, and for premium cameras such as the X-100. My local crack dealer has an X-100 and an X-100s in the window with the latter still commanding a £100 mark-up over the former, and neither below £600 - and they are known for their keen pricing.

Ultimately money cannot buy you happiness but it can make you stressed in comfort.


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Nov 11, 2011
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Wow.. I hate how these cameras depreciate so fast.. even Fuji..
I'm with you MrDoug. But it seems everything is worthless these days. It's the Amazon effect and the race to the bottom. No one can sell anything unless they have it for the lowest price on the internet. It cheapens everything. The only thing left that is worth anything is cash money. But since all you can buy with cash these days is "Made in China" worthless garbage, there's no point to the money either.


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Jul 13, 2011
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Curiosity is an unfortunate motivator. I liked my X10 but not the low MP/small sensor noise. Now here's the X100s without that problem. The 35 is short for me but I use the GX7 all the time with the 20. Oh, BTW, why do I want the X100s when I have the GX7 with the 20 when they are the same size with similar IQ? Because i'm really curious about that Fuji. $850 curious? Maybe . . .

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