Fuji Fuji X100VI coming Feb 20th

I ordered mine, unofficially, a few days before the announcement, placed a deposit on the day, and picked it up a week ago. That gave me time to sell a couple of cameras and a kidney on eBay so I could afford it.

I've been with the same dealer - London Camera Exchange in Guildford - for over 30 years. I was top of their list.
I should have done the same, but dragged my feet and only ordered a few days after the announcement, but with a smaller retailer. Expecting (hoping) to get it late this month. We’ll see.
It seems like the X100V craze carried over to the VI, at least here in Germany the camera is essentially sold out and only available for pre-order. The only way to get one of these cameras on short notice would be buying used and scalpers are at it selling new and sealed cameras with a few hundred Euros premium. I didn't know there was a limited edition, celebrating Fujifilm's 90th anniversary - those are being sold for at least EUR 3000.