Fuji Fuji X30 announced


I guess the big knock on the X30 is the fact that, like some of the other small sensor compacts, e.g. Nikon V, things fall apart pretty fast above ISO 400. I notice the IS on my x30 is pretty good, and does allow me to stay at ISO 400 or below in most shooting situations. It seems there is hardly a single feature Fuji did not include. When I bought mine it was $600. I think they go cheaper than that now. In the "Value" category, it is hard to imagine a better deal ever coming along.

I do wish it were a bit smaller. If price is not a consideration, and the telephoto is not necessary to your intended purpose, the X100/X100s/t might be a better alternative, as there is little difference in size and weight between the x100 and x30. I think that was a bit of a mistake on Fuji's part.

The X30 is a great camera to shoot and have fun with. I do not regret getting mine.

I forgot, I had misgivings about the OVF begin replaced by the EVF. In good light, the EVF on the x30 seems almost of OVF quality in image presentation. It really seems that good to me.





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