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I am very interested in moving from Canon to Fuji X system but I've got a fews question that I need someone competent to answer. You seem to be that kind of person so I would appreciate your help. All these question were raised because of Ming Thein's hands on which was rather disspointing to read. I don't like him as a photographer and find his work very mediocre but he cerainly is a gearhead so he may know a thing or two. He depicted X-E2 as slow, unresposive camera with a terrible menu system.

1. How much would you say the AF and EVF improved over the XE1? You don'y say too much about it in your hands on.
2. How do you find the overal responsivness of the camera?
3. Is the shutter button really as weird as Ming Thein described it?
4. Do you think the (allegedly) bad menu system and lack of some options (like putting Face Detection AF to Fn buttons) will be changed before release?
5. Are the RAW converters really that bad, especially lightroom? I take his opinion here with a grain of salt because his post-process is absolutely terrible but his opinion is as if the raw is so bad it cannot be used professionally
6. Is the release going to be as bad as it was with x100s? I will be in US in december and want to buy it there because in Europe Fuji X system is literally 30-40% more expensive. I don't want to pre-order and now I am afraid that it will be sold out.


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Hi Micha, I haven't read that review, so I can't comment on it. I have read Andy Westlake's take on DPR and found it consistent with my findings. That was to be expected, because Andy knows his stuff.

I pretty much wrote up everything you are asking about in my First Look, and of course my camera was very responsive, basically like the X-M1 with fast (tracking) PDAF. I certainly would have rejected an unresponsive camera. I would have expected it to be broken. Very weird. The E2 ist the fastest and most responsive X that I have ever seen. Well, almost, because the XQ1 is just as quick, but that's another sensor class.

Can't say anything bad about the menu system, it's not that different from the previous one, but I already provided feedback about the missing view mode and face detection options for the Fn buttons. I expect this to be enhanced in a future firmware update, it's a very minor addition.

Delivery situtation? There are supposed to be shipments in November, so if you want one then for sure, you better pre-order now. Fuji sometimes has some gaps between the first and any subsequent shipments.

As for Lightroom, you may want to have a look at my Ultimate RAW Converter Shootout. The title is kind of ironic, of course, but the results were quite interesting. :)


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Wow, I totally missed that the X-E2 was announced/out until I saw this post.

Nice, looks like a solid refresh of the camera and about what I expected, though the LMO being added to the ILC X-series was a nice surprise.


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Michael Østergaard Johansen
thank you guys, I'm really happy about the switch too.

I only hope it will not sold out in the first week. I really need to get it before December 19th.


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I've heard chatter that the X100s had lower dynamic range than the other XTrans sensors. Not sure if this was just due to a JPEG setting or whether it's truly sensor based (and thus present in RAW files). While this sounds unlikely, is it true, and if so, does the X-E2 have lower DR than the X-E1?

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