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Fuji Fuji XE1 "Genuine Leather" Half Case


Feb 19, 2013
Hi everyone. Just sold my Nex 5N to trade up to an XE1. Love everything from the packaging it came in to the output files at the end but there's one thing I'm not too happy about and wondered if anyone else had noticed it too.
I bought the "genuine leather" half case from Fuji. Not a cheap knock off but the £80 official one. I was shocked at how cheap it looked, felt and smelled. It seemed as though it was made out of PU leather and not the genuine leather it claimed on the box. It is made of exactly the same material as a fake Paul Smith wallet I accidentally bought off eBay.
I had a Gariz case for my Nex that really was genuine leather - it was soft, supple and smelled like leather - this case looks synthetic, looks like the strap with start cracking if its used too much and smells like a glue factory.

Anyone else had a similar experience? If so, what did you do about it? Surely trading standards wouldn't be too pleased about it....

Thanks for reading,

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Dec 3, 2011
Mission Viejo Ca
Dave Kavlich
My local dealer had one and was selling it for $80.00.
I took it out of the box and put it on my X E1 and decided not to get it.
My issue was mainly that it only works with a shoulder strap and I use a wrist strap.
Got a very inexpensive one from HK thatI'm pretty happy with.

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