Fuji Fuji XF 10-24 Mk II

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I rented a 10-24 Mk I a few years ago, and was disappointed in the images. Mine almost all turned out to be not sharp. My disappointment was especially keen since I had traveled to another part of our state to photograph mountains and rivers. The images were not terrible, but not what I had expected, either.
I had the same experience Tony with my first copy. The second is a lot better, not stellar but better.


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I've had the X30 a couple of times. Never tried an X20.
Tony, I have an RX100 V. What Steve says about the series is true. I find I often use mine as a sophisticated point-and-shoot - because the camera usually gets it right anyway. Occasionally, I'll use aperture or shutter priority. But auto or intelligent auto usually works best.

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