Fuji Showcase Fuji XF 23mm f/2 WR

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I did a miniature shootout today between two of my favourite EDC lenses:
  • Sigma 45mm f/2.8 C (shot on the Sony A7 II)
  • Fujifilm 23mm f/2 (shot on the Fujifilm X-E3)
This is the shot from the X-E3; I found that while in purely technical terms, the Sigma might actually have a slight edge (at least when shot wide open), the Fujifilm *combo* constantly delivered images I either found just as good or preferred over the output of the Sony/Sigma setup; the image above is a case in point. This is good news - because while I have to admit I frankly adore the Sigma, I obviously could live without it: Between the 23mm f/2 and the 27mm f/2.8, the Fujifilm kit does cover everything I can get from the Sigma, with negligible losses, if any.

Another nail in the coffin of the Sony ...


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