Fuji Showcase Fuji XF 50 2.0


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Jan 19, 2015
Main reason I haven't got this lens is the amount of legacy lenses I have with the same focal length which I put on the Fuji. Does look nice though. Aside from the obvious focal length difference, how do you compare it with the 90 in terms of image quality Bobby?
Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
@rayvonn I’ve found the image quality to be remarkably close to the 90mm. At least with what and how I shoot. Which is another reason I am selling the 90mm. I am not feeling any loss in image quality by not having the 90mm in my kit. The Fuji f2 trilogy is underrated due to them being cheaper options in their respective focal lengths. There is more to a photo than huge aperture bokeh. The f2 trilogy renders subject separation and 3D pop quite well. Also, the f2 trilogy is sharper than their respective counterparts.

I think the difference you will see is in character. The legacy lenses all have their own unique character. When I was shooting weddings with a Canon FD 50mm 1.4. And the Helios 44-2. People would always say my images had something to them that they loved, but couldn’t quite put a finger on the specific thing. But if you want a good AF 50mm in your kit, the Fuji 50mm lives up to the Fuji name and renders excellent images. The Fuji also has very fast AF, and is weather sealed if that matters to you.

If Fuji were to release a 16mm f2 with the same characteristics of the current f2 lenses. I would dump 16 1.4 for the f2 with no hesitation.

A bit long winded, but hopefully it helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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