Fuji Fuji XT1 (DR) Personal Test Images


Mar 9, 2014
I would like to share my experience with the DR of the X-T1. I accidentally shot 2 under exposed images (on two diff occasions) and then tried to pull the image back using ACR. This test are personal and im just sharing the experience. All I can say that this is awesome. The X-T1 is awesome.

First off the landscape!

FujiXT1 + XF14mm / ISO200 2.3sec @f16

Final image: ACR +5EV / +100 Shadows / +50 NR (No enhancing)

Nightshot: FujiXT1 / XF 14mm/ ISO250 f18 @1/4secs

Final image: ACR +5EV / +100 Shadows / +50 NR (No enhancing)



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Jun 8, 2011
I thought there was a problem with the image link, so it is showing black. Until I re-read your post -- and "underexposed" is the understatement of the year so far. :biggrin:


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Aug 31, 2011
Traveler, I didn't get the DR or digital push significance in your samples, can you please elaborate? :confused:

Gidferrer, could you make the RAWs of your samples available, so that users can play with them in their own RAW converters? Those look like great files to demonstrate modern sensor technology.


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Dec 24, 2010
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The key benefit of the "ISO-less" sensor is in base ISO dynamic range because the shadows can be pushed so far. A telltale sign of this type of sensor is that it displays an almost linear relationship between dynamic range and ISO value i.e. a one stop increase in ISO = a one stop decrease in DR. A more traditional sensor like that in a Canon doesn't produce the same peak DR at base ISO but it's ISO vs DR graph is more curved. A comparison between a Canon sensor and an equivalent Sony sensor can be found in the link below (click on "Measurements" and then "Dynamic range").


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