Fuji Fujifilm Announces the X-T1


Dec 14, 2013
Napier Lopez
You've surely read all about it, and now it's finally here.

Official Link: http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_t1/

Standout features from Fuji's description:

  • "Multi Mode Viewfinder"
  • The world's highest* viewfinder magnification ratio of 0.77x The world's fastest** display with a lag-time of just 0.005 sec.
  • X-Trans™*** CMOS II & EXR Processor II
  • 80 years of photo film research adds up to color reproduction that's second to none.
  • Weather Resistant - dust-resistant, water-resistant and -10°C low-temperature operation.
  • No matter whether the power is on or off, analog dial operation connects your vision and the camera.
B&H Pre-order Link - Body Only (Picture may show lens, but it's just the body): http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1025328-REG/Fujifilm_16421452_X_T1_Mirrorless_Digital_Camera.html/BI/1848/KBID/2491/DFF/d10-v21-t1-x504440

B&H Pre-order Link - with 18-55 f/2.8-f/4: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1025329-REG/Fujifilm_16421555_X_T1_Mirrorless_Digital_Camera.html/BI/1848/KBID/2491/DFF/d10-v21-t1-x504441


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Rico, you’ve done it again! Awesome first-look to the XT1 at the X-Pert Corner. The most informative and best first-look out of all the ones that came online today (yesterday night). Thank you!!

Have you mounted the EF-X20 on the XT1 yet? I’d love to see how what that looks like!

Rico, with all the references to the EM1, am I correct to assume that you have your hands on one? How does the AF-S speed and accuracy of the XT1 compare to the EM1, and especially under low light situations?

Very excited about the XT1. My only cons about it are 1/4000 shutter speed, and the EVF on the DSLR hump format. I like the rangefinder look better, it’s also nice not to smear my facial grease all over the LCD.

Bring on the XPro2! Thanks Rico!


Jun 30, 2012
Pretty much only one thing I can say: WANT! :biggrin:

Looks like there are a few disappointments, but they got a LOT of things right here. I am drooling over some of these new features already, and I'm super happy to hear they kept the same NP-W126 battery too :thumbup:


Hall of Famer
Aug 31, 2011
Yeah, I wouldn't have liked new batteries. I mean, they can always introduce new and better batteries as long as the old ones remain compatible. I think I have way more than a dozen batteries for X mount cameras, admittedly I have somewhat lost track.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
People often seem to assume that the X-Pro2 and the successor of the X-Pro1 are the same camera.
They might be mistaken.
Now I'm confused ... Successor of XPro1 will not be the XPro2? Please tell me the XT1 is not the successor of the XPro1 ... I like the hybrid VF in a rangefinder style body!! :(


Feb 17, 2013
Great write up Rico. Cleared up a few questions I had. After reading it I pre-ordered from B&H. I think I'll still love using my XP1 - the OVF makes it for me. With the XP1 and XT1 I am SET! ...... Until the XP2 blows me away yet again.


Mar 10, 2013
I am so tempted! I really like the design, size and features of this camera. It isn't perfect but no camera ever is. I just don't think I want to get into yet another camera system. However if I win the lottery this camera and some lenses will be one of the first things purchased!


Aug 2, 2011
Definitely will be purchasing this camera, along with the complete Prime lens offerings from Fujinon.

The 35mm, the 56mm, and Macro look good- along with the Zeiss offerings.

This time I will rent them and compare one-on-one for a weekend to make my decision.


Nov 10, 2012
Yes, Fuji Canada with another solid promotion - free grip with pre-order!

Gotta pay my early adopter tax again...


Feb 6, 2013
We rarely, if ever, get promotions in the US. Very tempted to pull the trigger right now ...
I've often seen better pricing in the U.S. compared to the Commonwealth countries. Guessing that cuts margins here which makes promotions tougher to work in.

Don't know if that's the case here though ...

A superb looking camera. I'm thinking of this to shoot the 55-200mm. I'd think they'd be meant for each other.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Yes! Billy actually responds to messages left in Youtube too!

It took Canada longer than US to get the Sony A7. I wonder if that will be the case with the Fuji's.


I succumbed to the temptation and pulled the trigger.

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