Fujifilm announces worldwide price revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper.

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For anybody using Fuji for their film projects their project costs might be rising, big & fast! 😲

  1. Products and percent increase
    Photographic film :
    Color Negative Film, Color Reversal Film, Quick Snap, Control Strips
    The minimum increase is expected to 30%

    Photographic paper :
    All of Photographic paper
    The minimum increase is a double-digit percentage.
  2. Date of price increase
    Effective from April 1st, 2019 onward

Ranger Rick

Tempe, AZ
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I saw at B&H that 36-exp Velvia 50 (35mm) is over $20/roll right now! That will put an end to color reversal films in the next few years. If Kodak joins this for negative color films, same there. Sad to see, but Fuji seems to be pushing to close it all down.

At least there is B&W, "back to the future". As one commenter about the Fuji increases said, there is no price increase at all on their B&W films (they eliminated all those last year).

Strange to see all the emphasis on the film emulations on Fuji cameras, as they kill off the actual films.


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It means you have to buy their cameras to get those “films”. I really hated seeing all those black and white ones go away because B&W is one of most people’s only chance to make a print.


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I haven't used Fuji film (at least not directly) but it is disappointing news. While it's understandable that low volumes and increasing costs make price rises inevitable it's the 30% minimum that's the killer. It does make you wonder what Fuji's long term plans are and whether or how other manufacturers will respond. For what it's worth I posted a few more reflections on this on my blog: Fujifilm and Film Pricing

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