Fuji Fujifilm FinePix X100 Price Reduction


Feb 13, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
Indeed. My local shop is selling their last one (a display model) for that price. To me, the advancements the X100S offers makes it seem foolish to not pay the extra $300 for the upgraded model if you are buying new, but if the price were say $800 I may very well reconsider that position.


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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
I agree... the few improvements that the X100s offers over the X100 are disproportionately important to the shooting experience - particularly with this type of camera. That means a bigger discount is warranted on the outgoing camera. Certainly by the time the X100s actually hits the shelves and is readily available, I can't see the X100 selling for more than $700-750 U.S.


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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
$800 including a case is very good value (although I guess some tax has to be added on to that). That's about the price you pay including tax but - without a case - in the UK.
I'm tempted by a 6-month old used example going for £399.

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