Film Showcase Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 200


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Performs in a very similar way to its big brother (Superia 400) - not shown off to best effect in these shots due to my Sunny 16 metering technique. I'm sure a more modern camera would get better results.

These were all shot on a Olympus Pen FV - mostly with the 25mm Zuiko F4 & 38mm Zuiko F1.8












Probably Not Walter Kernow
Nice imagery, as always :) A timid question: How do you like the 25mm? I'm not sure if I should be hunting for one ...

Its a great question - I actually got the 25mm for my micro-four-thirds cameras so I could have a 50mm equiv for zone-focus style shooting - as it starts at f4, your aperture start-point tends to get a fair bit in focus compared to faster Nifty-50's. It also has a fairly close-focus distance - definitely not macro level but very handy for flowers. I believe there is a Pen 25mm F2.8, which is fairly pricey - I guess it counts as a fast-wide for the half-frame.
Some digital examples over here - mostly on the old E-P1 - makes a nice retro shooting experience...
Showcase - Olympus 25mm f/4 Pen FT
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I'd shoot it on the PEN FT - and yes, there's a f/2.8 version, but it's twice the size. I haven't yet browsed any online auction sites for either lens, but I may; the f/4 appeals more because it'd better complement my existing lenses (20mm f/3.5 and - as probably everyone owning one of those PENs - 38mm f/1.8 if they don't have a 40mm f/1.4 ...). It'd definitely make a very nice snapshot lens - small, sharp (apparently, but I think it's pretty obvious) and with built-in additional DoF ...

The only downside I can see is that the PEN's viewfinder isn't that bright to begin with; focusing can be a bit difficult with the 20mm already; but then, I guess one third of a stop won't break the system ...

EDIT: I've done a first search - the 25mm f/4 is about $150, the 25mm f/2.8 is fiendishly difficult to locate apparently, but I stumbled over something else that I'd forgotten about: the 38mm f/2.8 pancake ... I think I'd rather have that one ... what I see of it online really has me intrigued.

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