Fuji Fujifilm X-E2


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Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
Great to see more user control of ISO/shutter speed ....user defined min/max ISO limits in conjunction with user defined min shutter speed.

Also nice to see the EVF refresh rate more than doubled. Nice again.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Looks very very promising. When the X100s came out I remember wondering (out loud I think) about whether the PDAF sensor technology would work with the existing lenses and if their AF motors could ever be as quick as the X100s. Well, evidently they come pretty close. I guess we'll find out once Fuji updates the lens firmware, which the article indicated could take a few months. But even the CDAF sounds notably improved, and it didn't suck before.

And yeah, having a minimum shutter speed selectable up to 1/500 with auto ISO in aperture priority mode is GREAT! I hadn't seen a compact other than the Nikon A that had gone above 1/250 and most didn't even do that. I didn't see anything on whether you could now use exposure comp with auto ISO in M mode, but with this minimum shutter speed in A mode, I'd never need to anyway, personally. If I wasn't using the Nikon A pretty much as my only and go-to street camera, I'd get one of these as soon as I could and use it for street - as I did extensively with the X-Pro when I first got it. Or if I was using a wider range of lenses with the XE1, I'd no doubt upgrade to this for both the auto ISO and the faster AF. For how I use the camera, I don't see any reason to, but if it was my primary system camera instead of just a very wide angle specialist for me, I'd be all over the XE2. As is, I'll probably sit tight with the XE1 for the foreseeable future, but kudos to Fuji on this one! Looks like a significant upgrade... Evolutionary perhaps, but very useful nonetheless...



Jul 24, 2010
Too little too late? Evolutionary, yes, but in comparison with the OM-1, GX7 and especially the A7(r) it looks a little disappointing. Ergonomics, tactile feel, manual controls, looks, all are great, but.....


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Aug 15, 2010
What does the GX7 have over the XE2??

On a side note, I've looked at 5 "preview" videos now, and not one of them actually show anyone using the camera. Just a lot of panning shots of the camera, and talking about LMO, Q button placement and +/- 3 EV. It seems the camera is still in pre-production, and there are no real ones to shoot with yet (or at least not that exhibit the AF speed). Don't just CLAIM fastest AF. Show it, please :) Also, show it with the 35/1.4! :)


May 6, 2011
It's a good update. They've tried hard not to mess with what works. A few more pixels would be nice (20MP?) but I didn't expect that.

I just want to see what the AF does in low light, in single shot. I don't need to be killing my battery in CAF to get the thing to lock on. Yes more AF speed would be nice, but give me an AF system that'll at least find the target with the two "premium" zoom lenses. That's what I'm hoping the PDAF on sensor will give.


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