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Had a day off and took the X-M1, the 35mm f/1.4, and the 14mm f/2.8 to Longwood Gardens. I need to get the camera down in my head before I shoot a wedding with it.

Since the bride wants b/w, I shot everything in RAW+JPG with the monochrome selected. I shot everything using a b/w LCD presentation (with the brightness at +5 in the sun). I used an ND for some shots and the only 52mm I had other than the Vari-ND was a 5 stop one, lol. Really slowed down the shutter speed but I made it work mostly in the sunny shots so I could shoot wide open.

These shots then are all from RAW as the JPG's are all monochrome. Everything with the 14mm (only one so far here) were shot with focus peaking in manual focus.

More coming later.


Fujifilm X-M1 Test: Fly in an Impressionist World by Entropic Remnants, on Flickr


Fujifilm X-M1 Test: Butterfly Trip by Entropic Remnants, on Flickr


Fujifilm X-M1 Test: James by Entropic Remnants, on Flickr


Fujifilm X-M1 Test: Percy by Entropic Remnants, on Flickr


Fujifilm X-M1 Test: Pumpkin Town by Entropic Remnants, on Flickr

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