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Not sure what you are getting beyond the existing RAW converter. I've gone to mostly shooting jpegs but when I shoot RAW, I use the in-camera converter to create the jpegs I want. I connect the HDMI output of my X-E2 to my 39 inch monitor instead of using the LCD. This program sounds like an enhancement that will make conversions easier and quicker for pros to use. That would make sense limiting it to the X-T2 and X-Pro2 but the X100F?
Since I am traveling, a thought occurred to me about this. I only bring a tablet with me when we travel. If Fuji made this software so it could be used on tablets also, that would be awesome. Use the 10" tablet screen to view the image instead of the rear LCD, and the camera is the hardware horsepower. It would be perfect for shooting/editing/posting on the go for a lot of situations.


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I would do that, as well. Related but not strinctly on-topic: The bluetooth implementation on the XE3 has me curious. I would actually use a scenario like this:

- I'm shooting, wife has my phone, and the camera and phone are linked.
- As I'm shooting, she's getting thumbnails automatically with each shot.
- If she likes one, she ports it over from the phone (a pull, not a push from camera) and uploads to social media.

That, and the ability to link to a tablet of some kind for a bigger screen would be useful.

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