Fuji Fujifilm x summit

Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
This link has the video from the x summit with the first official talks of what’s coming out next. Including some stuff on the Pro3.



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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Well, I like it. But I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will BLAST them for "hiding" the rear LCD.

Admittedly, I am not a working photographer, so I have no need to "chimp" to see if I got the shot. And my feeling is that in the days of film, it was never an option. You can certainly review the shots through the EVF if you feel you need to. And honestly, there's not much that can't be fixed in post. I think it's time for photographer's to trust themselves and their gear. More time reviewing images means less time capturing them.

I'm totally going to buy one of these (used but mint) when the X-Pro4 comes out ;)
Apr 2, 2018
An X-Pro body in silver is all they had to do. And now they done it. Fantastic :)

People are going to hate the LCD thing but this is like a classic Japanese solution to German ingenuity (Leica M-D bodies without screens) ... it's pretty much like an X-Pro-D. But in Japanese fashion, the LCD feature couldn't just be left out so it's there. It should be really nice to handle I think. e
Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
I love what they did with the rear lcd. The lcd is turned off on my cameras except for shooting scapes. And the flip down screen will work fine for that. I really wanted to skip this and just grab another Pro2 cheap. The stuff coming from Fuji rumors was making that an easy decision. But the official stuff from Fuji has me really interested. Damn you, Fuji!!!


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Feb 3, 2012
My mentor was kind enough to be the primary shooter at my daughter's wedding. Watching him in action, that X-Pro3 design would not work for him, he was constantly checking preview and histo for the exposure as 90 percent of the time was dedicated off-board TTL flash. That display would have eventually snagged or broke off.

I uderstand the idea that it's deliberately designed so the user doesn't chimp as much, but ergonomics are mapped to use case - and this one probably doesn't work for a good portion of the customer base.

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