Fuji Fujifilm X10 - NiSi 40mm filter - Doesn't Fit!!!

I did a fair bit of research to find a decent filter to fit my X10 and lots of forums all pointed towards the NiSi 40mm filter. I know the camera lens' thread isn't exactly 40mm, but apparently this filter fits perfectly.

Sadly after buying a NiSi 40mm, that doesn't seem to be the case for me. It doesn't grab the lens thread and appears loose when placed on the lens thread. i.e the filter thread diameter is too small.

Anyone had any experiences with this or another filter that does fit the lens please?

I know I can buy the hood and fit a 52mm filter, but I want a filter I can keep fixed to the camera at all times and stop dust entering the lens barrel.

Thanks and sorry that every post I make is a problem.

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Out of interest, are there two thread sizes on X10 lenses?

I've now tried 2 different 40mm filters, neither grips the threads and both feel loose.

Some people seem to fit 40.5mm filters.

Anyone on here used 40.5mm please.


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The B&W 40.5 does not work. I tried it. I know some people us an inexpensive 40-40.5 step up and then a 40.5mm UV filter. About different 40's not working, I have to assume that's variations in the threads. I know the Marumi was snug on mine, and others have the same experience.
Marumi ordered, just waiting for it to be delivered.

The two I tried were the same model, one definitely gripped better than the other, but only just holding on by an 1/8 of a turn or so. I'm sure it would have fallen off and got lost the first time I was out.

Thanks for your advice

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