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Lou and Bill, other than video (which I don't care about), the big thing reviewers complained about when the XF10 came out was its general sluggishness. What do you two say about that?

Since used X70's are rising in price, a well-priced and gently used XF10 has some appeal to me. NOS would be even better. That and/or a really well-priced X100F.
The best way I can describe autofocus right now is to say that it is peculiar. When I turn it on, it seems to be sluggish and "hunt" during the first few shots at various distances in moderate or low light. Then, as if it's learning, it seems to be okay. It won't be quite as fast as the X100F. In daylight I cannot complain. I didn't buy it for AF speed however. I just wanted a "grab and go - run to the store" pocket camera. The image quality is outstanding. The sharpness and micro contrast of the lens is outstanding - so much so that it bested some of my interchangeable Fuji lenses on an X-T2. Color interpolation is slightly different than the larger more expensive Fujis but is very pleasantly different. In the advanced filter setting there is a Monochrome Near Infra Red mode that works exceptionally well (I shoot IR with the X-T2 and the XF 18-135mm). I bought mine used from MPB for around $350.

Unless you are looking for a pocket camera, I would definitely recommend the X100F. Amazon U.S. has the silver color model for about $900 right now. This may portend the announcement of the X100V. We shall see.


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