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Fuji Fujifilm's long/tele options for landscapers


Apr 2, 2018
I believe there's plenty to be shot at longer focal lengths. Fuji may not have the 'perfect' 70-200 (lightweight, compact, sharp) that M4/3 system has but it's got plenty of good primes that should be more than excellent.

For example, the 60/2.4 macro that everybody ignores? I hear it works for landscapes very well because it's so damn sharp. The 90/2 is another stellar performer. These things are not just for portrait or macro use. Speaking of which, of course there's the 80/2.8 macro too. But the 60 should be more lighter to carry, and autofocus speed does not matter.

And let's not forget about the 50/2 either. When I'm using my "70-200" in landscape stuffs, I tend to stay around the wide end more. In this regard, personally I'm going to go for the 50/2 first.

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