Nikon Full frame Coolpix A - Thom Hogan rumor/speculation...

Ray Sachs

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No idea how legit, and sounds more like speculation than rumor, but I hope there's something to it. And Thom's reasonably connected, so maybe there's something here. The only thing that would make the RX1 better to me would be a 24 or 28mm lens with a few bits of Nikon's interface (auto-ISO more than anything). If Nikon did it, it would be worth a serious look. I doubt the lens would be up to the standard of the Zeiss in the RX1, but the Nikon A lens is no slouch, so if it's to that standard, I'll at least be interested.

Could just be smoke, but I hope there's some fire there... Time will tell.


El Guapo

Its got my interest.
There is one reason I haven't bought a RX1 - price.
The other desire about the RX1 is it would be good if the lens was more compact.
But its a big ask to have the lens IQ and compact. Don't we want it all??

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