Fuji Full-Frame or Full-Sized Sensor Cameras From Fuji?


Mar 30, 2014
my guess....

A new Full-Size body.. in the likeness of the X-T1??... (DSLR Like, ego, Full-Size) ??


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Apr 14, 2014
The Text has been corrected

Digital Imaging

We will be unveiling our latest lineup of X-series cameras along with interchangeable lenses and peripheral accessories at this year's Photokina. At the Touch and Try Corner of the Fujifilm booth, visitors will be able to experience the outstandingly high image quality and high resolution of the new cameras and FUJINON XF interchangeable lenses. Once again, the emphasis will be on the high resolution of the APS-C sensor - which rivals that of a full frame sensor* - as well as the rich tonality and beautiful color reproduction of output, which Fujifilm X-series cameras have become so renowned for.
* Corrected as of August 25. The original sentence included a typographical error.

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