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reading everyone's list of wants and the fact they are all mutually exclusive makes me wonder how a group of people ever design a camera at all. I don't see what could possibly differentiate an X-Pro2 from the X-T1 unless that jammed that hybrid finder in there.

I've always thought a drive mode dial would be nice.


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I think that the secret is that they listen but do not always act. If they did, it would be "kick and rush", like watching five-year-olds play football. They (should) have a core strategy to which they stick. The "voice of the consumer" should be heeded, and occasionally acted upon, but I would put more faith in the feedback of beta testers than I would in the unsolicited thoughts of posters here - including me :D


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I use the articulating screen on the XT a lot. I only notice how much when I pick up the X100. I wish it articulated sideways too, as I often drop it down to ground level and aim it way up... that would be easier if I could see what I was doing, and my face won't fit under there. At parties, I shoot a lot from hip level as well, which just works so much better when you can see what you're doing.

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I also throw the camera up high and point down, and the 45 degrees I can get back on the XT helps. I wish it were a full 90. And finally, I'd even use the hell out of touchscreen, if it meant I could tap a face and have it focus and fire like it does (ironically) from the iPhone app. It's faster, and easier, and really accurate. It's discrete, too. If you're shooting people from close range, articulating LCD and touchscreen can be wonderful things.

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