Sony Full Imaging Resource Nex 7 review is up


Ontario, Canada
I would love it too ... if I could only even sniff the existence of a NEX7 here in the US! :mad:

Pretty much the same here.

This looks like an incredibly versatile camera.

I have not purchased a camera in over two years. I know, I know - this has caused you to rush for tranquillizers ..:D

I'm not complaining - this was a deliberate choice so I could really think less about cameras and more about technique and just enjoying myself. So I ditched my beloved Canons (and more beloved L lenses) and just kept an M43 body and some cool primes, so I could have my camera with me at all times. It's been great for me, though I doubt that anyone else would notice any difference in my photography.

So I am hooked on a lighter and less bulky set of gear, and I know what I love to shoot. I also know that for some things M43 just doesn't reach the quality I like. I would love to be able to have one camera system to cover all of what I do. So I am very interested in the Nex 7, the new Fuji and the likely Pentax. Sure the bodies are bigger than most M43, but the overall kit (camera and 2 or 3 primes) is still small and way less bulky / heavy than my Canons.