Fuji Full res Fuji X Pro 1 images


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Just went to the DPreview post, which linked to the photos of some guys website. Well, guess what? I'm guessing it's the same link that TOP had, which was copied to SC. I was reading the comments in DPreview's site for the particular post. Alas, there were a number of complaints to DPreview that people got viruses after clicking on the link. Those hackers are getting lots and lots of people. Sigh.


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Boid, sorry, I had to remove the link from your post. DPR is linking to a site which is known to be distributing a computer virus :frown:.


Portland, Oregon
I downloaded one of the unprocessed files to my iPad (no virus concerns). Respresentations of the authors to the contrary, it was not a "raw" file, but an unprocessed jpg. But that may make them that much more impressive. When I open the file in Filterstorm I see a jpg of astonishing detail and clarity with huge headroom for post-processing. And that's the jpg.

This camera is going to be very good.