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Unexpected fun !

Popped up to Carlisle railway station earlier tonight expecting to see a steam engine go through.
Happy to see it parked up waiting for a Virgin Express to leave first. There were only 4 people on the platform
looking it over, including me and my dad ! Very surprised about that. Anyway, one of the crew jumps out and
asks what my camera was. He seemed very impressed with it after i gave him a quick tour.
He then remounted the footplate an beckoned me onboard ! :eek: Could not believe my luck.
The Virgin diesel was just pulling out so i knew time was short. Turned the dial to My1 B&W shutter priority.
and climbed on board Whizzed a few frames off and let them get on with their work. What a buzz that was.
So a big thanks to the crew of the Scots Guardsman. The images were edited using one of my presets in Topaz B&W effects.
I hope you like them. I'll put 3 here, another 7 on my flickr page here. Flickr: Buster & Taz's Photostream
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R0013707 by Buster & Taz, on Flickr

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R0013711 (1) by Buster & Taz, on Flickr

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R0013709 by Buster & Taz, on Flickr


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