G1 deal at Park Cameras in UK


Jul 9, 2010
I could not resist! although this camera will be given to my daughter to take to art college in September, I will have a few weeks to use it and compare to my NX10. After a couple of days my impressions are:- Gi has better EVF, I can manually focus with this but not the NX10. In practical outdoor situations both rear screens are much the same, but the articulation of the G1 is very handy. I find the handling/menu etc more intuitive on the NX10 ( I seemed to keep pressing buttons by mistake on the G1), also the build/feel seems more solid on the NX10. As far as image quality goes, using only the kit lenses I think the NX10 resolves slightly more detail and has slightly less noise, but it under exposes a bit so its effective ISO is not as high. I think both cameras a great but feel happy that I originally chose the NX10, but I don't rule out buying a G series at some time!

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